Classical Ballet


Prep 1 Ballet

The girls can progress to this level when they no longer need their parents in the room with them. This program is also a 30 minute lesson, often getting more concentration from the girls as they’re a bit older (3-4 yrs). We work hard on the progression of skipping, jumping, galloping, and musicality.

Prep 2 and Prep 3 Ballet

This level is for 4-5 year olds, we have extended the class time to 40 minutes, as they’re concentration is greater now. By this stage they are expected to be competent at Skipping, galloping, jumping in time with the music, and taking clearer direction.

Pre-Primary Ballet

Children commencing ballet training at this age (5-6yrs) are at a great advantage. They usually have good co-ordination skills and better developed social skills as well. We keep the lesson short (45mins) and try to encourage gentle progress through enjoyment and praise rather than through strict discipline. At this level students have the option to sit their first ballet exam.

Primary Ballet

This is designed for 6-7 year olds, now students begin to learn polkas, waltzing, and more complex combinations in their 45 minute class. This is still a very fun lesson, for students to explore the world of ballet.

Grade 1 Ballet

This 45 minute class is for students aged 7-8 years. This level introduces barre work, and we encourage further self discipline in behaviors and listening skills.

Grade 2 and Grade 3 Ballet

By the age of 8-9 years, we introduce more barre work, longer combinations, better posture, better turn out, and better articulation of feet. At this level we encourage home practice, and if ballet exams are being taken, 2 lessons per week is ideal.

Grade 4 and Grade 5 Ballet

At this stage students really need to be split into recreational or vocational streams. We still accept beginners for recreational students, and can do one or two lessons per week for fitness and fun. Those continuing with exams, however, are expected to attend at least 2 Grade  lessons per week to enable them to reach the strength and standard required. These lessons are now 50 minutes long and are suitable for 10-12 year olds. students should now be doing pre pointe and strength and  stretch classes.

Grade 6 Ballet

This level, most students should be doing 2 or 3  classes per week especially if they wish to do pointe work. We also encourage them to do a strength and stretch class as this will help them with the standard they should be striving for. These students are generally 12-14 years old.

Intermediate Ballet

The students in these classes are 14 and over. They must have done at least 5 years of ballet training before commencing this class. If wanting to train for exams, 3 lessons per week as well as pointe and strength and stretch  are required. If recreation only, one or two lessons are fine.

Pre-Pointe Classes

This class can be commenced from the age of 10 or 11, to strengthen feet and leg muscles, work on alignment and core. This is a preparatory class for the progression to pointe.

Pointe Classes

Students must be doing 2 classical lessons per week to qualify for pointe work. They should have also learnt ballet for 4-5 years, and preferably been taking ballet exams. We do not encourage the commencement of pointe work unless pre-pointe assessment has been taken from a qualified physiotherapist. The average age is 12 years old, except in exceptional circumstances.

Strength and Stretch Classes

This 30 minute class can precede or follow any normal ballet class, or can be taken separately. It concentrates on strengthening exercises and stretching exercises that will make it easier for the students to perform in their regular class.

Adults ballet classes

We have 2 levels of these.  Intermediate level ballet (prior knowledge essential, but still fairly simple combinations), and Advanced ballet (for those who have had prior training for 5 years or longer).

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