Grade 3 Ballet Tuesday 4pm

By clicking on any of the Zoom Meeting links you are acknowledging and agreeing that:
1) Your child has gained your permission to be online.
2) You will ensure that your child is wearing appropriate clothing that is suitable for dance and in no way revealing.
3) That, where possible, you will ensure webcams are located in a communal space like a living room – rather than a bedroom. If only a private space like a bedroom is available you will commit to keeping the door open and/or you or another adult will stay present for the class.
4) The sharing of this invitation and password is strictly forbidden.
5) Your child participates in these online dance classes at their own risk.  You understand that dance is likened to sport and, although rare, injury may occur.  Norwood Ballet Centre will not be held responsible for any injury that may occur to your child during dance class.



Norwood Ballet is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 982 3783 6831

Password: 032587