NBC News – March 2017

Our final classes of Term One will be held on Thursday 13th April – just in time to enjoy a nice Easter Break.   Term Two commences on Saturday 29th April and we will be emailing the accounts for Term Two in the next week.  A generous 10% discount on Term 2 fees will apply if paid on or by the end of this term.  After this a 5% discount only will apply to payments received prior to May 6th (end of week one).   All current students are automatically re-enrolled into the best class(es) for them.  As we require two weeks’ notice of withdrawal, please let us know this week if you will not be returning next term. We have made slight changes to some of your class times, so please double check the class times as they appear on your invoice in case there has been a change.  All Grade 3 classes have been extended to 50 minutes and we have added an additional pre-pointe class on Saturday which would suit some students better than the current sole Wednesday class option, therefore halving the numbers.  Two new Repertoire classes have been introduced late on Saturday afternoon where the selected students will learn solos from famous ballets.  These two pointe classes will replace the current Saturday afternoon Senior Pointe class.   This past weekend was the Cecchetti Medal Awards at Immanual College.  We had approximately 15 students entered over the 4 categories from Grade 5 level to Advanced. We had some success with Scarlett Rees winning Runner Up, and Romany Hill-Thomson receiving an Honorable Mention both for the Bronze Medal category. Then Isabelle Despoja winning the... read more

2017 – Welcome

We hope you are enjoying your holidays and are looking forward to commencing your classes. Major renovations and upgrades are currently being done at the centre and should be completed by the Australia Day long weekend.  Until then our office hours will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10.00am – 1.00pm. The centre should be able to open on Monday 30th January for adults ballet, payment of fees,  purchase of shoes and ballet attire from the shop. All other classes will resume Friday 3rd of Februray at 10.00am.  This change has been made to allow our Friday students get a full 10-week Term, prior to the Easter and school holiday break.  Term One can then end on Thursday 13th April. A reminder that the early 10% discount for payments will end on the 17th of January.  After this date accounts will be reissued showing a 5% discount only, which will carry through until the end of the first week – Friday 10th February.  From this date no further discounts will apply. We are also in the process of finalising dates for both our mid year demonstration and end of year concert which will both be at new venues this year.  We will share this information as soon as these details are available. If you are choosing not to return, please do us the courtesy of emailing us as soon as possible so we can place our new students. Happy New Year to you all and we look forward to seeing you shortly! Regards, Jackie, Tara and... read more


Welcome to Term Three classes!   The focus for most classes this term will be learning dances for our Festival Theatre Production in 4th term on SUNDAY 30th OCTOBER – 3 to 6pm.   Beautiful costumes will be ordered or made, and ready by the end of this term.  Of course, participation in this production is entirely up to you – the parents.  If you choose not to participate just remember to let us know this week!   Regardless of whether your child is involved in our concert or not, there are certain standards we expect.  That is: regular ON TIME attendance to all classes and an apology in advance for absenteeism by phone, text or email.   During the holidays many improvements have been made: A new carpeted waiting area and freshly painted woodwork to this area AND the main studio. A professional permanent installation of the Studio Two Rosco Dansflor A new sound absorbing wall will be installed in Studio 2 next week and double glazing to the main studio will happen in the next month or so.   Due to the ongoing issues with local council, we remind you to always park LEGALLY, remember CLEARWAY TIMES and be quiet in the outside waiting area.  Respect our neighbours.   Many of our students have recently participated in competitions both locally and in Melbourne with some fabulous results achieved by all.  Congratulations to all of our competition students – we are very proud of you all!   We look forward to enjoying another great term of dance together.     Regards, Jackie, Tara and... read more

NEWSLETTER 2 – Term 1 2016

  Dear Parent and Students   Term One ends on Saturday 16th April (end of next week).  Accounts for Term Two have been emailed on the weekend.  Term Two commences on Saturday 30th April.  All students will be automatically re-enrolled in the most appropriate class(es) for their age and ability.  Please let us know immediately if you need to change any classes.   TIMETABLE CHANGES FOR TERM TWO We have made some necessary improvements to the start times and class numbers by: Adding another BROADWAY JAZZ class (for 10 to 13 year olds on Thursdays 6.15 to 7.00pm, as the MONDAY class is still full. Adding an exam class on Wednesday for our Intermediate exam students and one for our Advanced 1 students as well. Re-distributing students to the correct level of strength and stretch classes, and adding extra pointe classes at varying levels. Re-distributing Primary Ballet and Grade One Ballet classes on Saturdays, with some slight time changes.   CECCHETTI MEDAL COMPETITION On Sunday April 10th, we had 13 students(all of whom were chosen by Miss Thompson because they received Honours for their last ballet exam) represent the Norwood Ballet Centre in the State Cecchetti Medal Awards.There were 74 entrants from many ballet schools all over Adelaide. All our girls danced beautifully, of which we were extremely proud. Saxon Schapel(12) and Romany Hill-Thompson(12) received HM in the Junior Award, while Isabelle Despoja(14) won the Silver Medal in her age group and level, while Amy Gallery(15) won the Gold Medal in her age group as well as the prestigious Dorothy Noye award as the most promising dancer in the competition. Congratulations girls! EXAM ENTRIES Lower... read more


Welcome back to classes for 2016 and a special welcome for all our new students young and old!   Changes to the Timetable – We really try NOT to make major changes to our timetable from year to year, however sometimes this is inevitable.  This year we have needed to make to following changes: –          All contemporary classes have been moved from Thursday nights to Friday.  This allows us to create 4 levels instead of 3, offering smaller classes at all levels. –          Two Adult Beginner Ballet Classes.  Monday and Wednesday – both 7.00pm to 8.00pm.  The adult Intermediate to Advanced level now runs 7.10pm – 8.10pm on Wednesday. –          On Wednesday we needed to make two Grade Four level classes as we had 19 booked in the one class.  The first one at 5.15pm is followed by Jazz Hip Hop at 6.15pm.  The second one at 6.00pm is preceded by the Pre-Pointe class at 5.30pm. –          Our new Broadway style Jazz class on Monday at 6.45pm is proving very popular and is very full.  We will try to provide another class in this genre for 10 – 12 year olds next term.   Parking Issues – We are very aware that it is difficult to find a park sometimes, but that is no excuse to park across neighbours driveways or too close to corners, etc.  We have had some complaints from neighbours recently, so we urge you to be respectful of others rights and the law.  Kensington Road should not be used as a drop off zone, during the clearway period – 4.30 – 6.00pm.  Council parking inspectors... read more

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal Schedule This new schedule for the final two weeks before the concert (i.e. Sat 28th Nov to Fri 11th Dec) replaces your current class times.  Can you please ensure you attend all rehearsals as this will help you with your on stage performance.  Additional Sunday and theatre rehearsals as previously advised Saturday  5th Dec AM Saturday  5th Dec PM Monday 30th Nov & 7th Dec Tuesday 1st Dec & 8th Dec Wednesday 2nd Dec & 9th Dec Thursday 3rd Dec & 10th Dec Friday 4th Dec & 11th Dec Morning classes as usual Morning classes as usual   Morning classes as usual Morning classes as usual 9.00 – 9.45am SIMPLE SYMPHONY – Sat 8.50 & 9am – Sat 9.45am – Mon 5.45pm 12.40 – 1.30pm ANYTHING GOES – Sat 1.10pm – Sat 1.50pm – Mon 3.50pm – Mon 4.15pm 3.50 – 4.30pm ROSAMUNDE – Mon 3.50pm – Mon 4.30pm – Mon 5.00pm 3.50 – 4.30pm ROSAMUNDE – Tue 3.50pm – Tue 4.00pm – Thur 4.40pm 3.50 – 4.30pm FRUIT SALAD – Wed 3.50pm – Wed 4.00pm – Mon & Tue Morning classes 3.50 – 4.30pm UNDER THE SEA – Thur 3.50pm – Thur 4.00pm – Thur & Fri Morning classes 4.00 – 4.30pm Strength & Stretch Class   9.50 – 10.30am HIP HOP – Sat 9.45am – Wed 4.30pm – Mon 5pm 1.40 – 2.30pm HIP HOP – Sat 1.50pm – Sat 2.20pm – Sat 3.45pm 4.40 – 5.20pm ANYTHING GOES – Mon 3.50pm – Mon 4.15pm   4.00 – 4.40pm ANYTHING GOES – Sat 1.10pm – Sat 1.50pm – Tue 5.45pm 4.40 – 5.30pm HIP HOP –... read more

Welcome back to Term 4

Term 4 is such a busy term with a number of key dates and additional rehearsals required in preparation for our end of year spectacular.  Please ensure these key dates are in your diary   Ticket sales commence Saturday 21st November (even row seats) & Sunday 22nd November (odd row seats) To minimise ticketing pricing for our end of year performance, we sell tickets directly from our studio.  While this is inconvenient for some it does save a minimum of $8.80 per ticket.  Tickets will go on sale from these two days.  If you want to choose your own seats, you will need to come to the studio to purchase directly.  If you are happy to take the best available seats, you can either complete an order form at the studio OR send an email with your ticketing requirements.  Completed forms and emails will be actioned at the end of each day in order of their receipt.  We discourage people from spending an extended period of time queueing for tickets and advise that tickets cannot be purchased over the phone.   Ticket prices remain the same as last year Adult $35.00, Concession $30.00 and Student $25.00. Please note that the theatre will require a concession card as proof of entry.   Sunday 22nd  November –  Rehearsal schedule commences Sunday 22nd November – all Junior ballet students Sunday 29th November – all Senior ballet students Sunday 5th December – all students   It is expected that student will be required for a minimum of 1 hour on these days and the timetable will be released as soon as possible.  ... read more

Congratulations are in order…

Some of our ballet students have been very successful in the recent Cecchetti Major Exams and recent SASDS competitions at Westminster. Scarlett Rees – Winner of the Grade 4 State Cecchetti Scholarship Lilly Alexander – H.M. for the Grade 5 Scholarship Annabelle Langley – H.M. for the Grade 6 Scholarship Amy Gallery – H.M. for the Intermediate Scholarhip Amy Gallery – 2nd Classical solo, 2nd Own choreography Lyrical solo, 3rd Character solo in the 12/U14 age group. Isabelle Despoja – 3rd Own choreography Lyrical solo in 12/U14 age group. Lilly Alexander – 2nd Lyrical solo, 3rd Classical solo in 10/U12 age group. Scarlett Rees – 3rd Classical solo in 10/U12 age group. Lily Rugari – 3rd Jazz solo in 8/U10 age group. Competitions are still ongoing, so watch this... read more

Term 3 Newsletter 1 – August 2015

  Welcome back to classes for Term 3!  We hope you enjoyed a nice break from your regular activities and are excited to be back for the new term   Terms 3 sees the start of the preparation for our Festival Theatre concert.  All existing students from Prep 2 onwards would have been charged a costume deposit with their Term 3 account, with the balance being added to your account for Term 4.  For all other students and those of you new to the school, the full costume charge will be added to your Term 4 invoice.  Fabrics and costumes are being purchased this term so please diary Saturday December 12th.  If you are not able to participate please inform us in writing as soon as possible.  More information will follow shortly.   Mid-Year Demonstration – Sunday 28th June – We hope you enjoyed the mid-year demonstration.  The children value the opportunity to have their time on stage before the end of year performance so thank you for your support.   SA Dance Competitions – A number of our students have competed in the SA Dance and CanDance competitions through June and July with very pleasing results.  Congratulations to all competitors, it is such valuable experience for you all and keep your costumes ready for September!   Ballet Exams – The Upper grade and Major exams rehearsals are well underway with exams commencing on September 17th.  Good luck to all of our participants.  Our teachers are also working on the list for the lower grade exams to be held in November.   Shop – Our shop is fully stocked... read more

Term 2 Newsletter No. 1 – April 2015

Welcome back to classes for Term 2!  We hope you enjoyed a nice break from your regular activities and are excited to be back for the new term.   Mid-Year Demonstration – Sunday 28th June 1pm and 3pm At the end of this term we hold our annual mid-year Demonstration at Prince Alfred College.  This involves all students up to an including Grade 6 Ballet, Intermediate Tap and Jazz as well as all Contemporary levels plus a few soloists.  A detailed programme will be available later in the term.  Please mark the date in your diary.   State Cecchetti Medal Awards Just before the holidays the State Cecchetti Medal Awards were held at Immanuel College.  We had 7 competitors over 4 sections and all of them danced beautifully.  Congratulations to Lilly Alexander, HM in the Junior Award (Grade 4).  Isabelle Despoja, Winner of the Bronze Medal Award (grade 5), Annabella Langley, HM in the Silver Medal Award (Grade 6), Amy Gallery, Runner-Up in the Silver Aware (Grade 6) and also to Victoria Adams, Runner-Up in the Gold Award (Intermediate/Advanced).   Ballet Exams In the first week of June, we will be conducting Ballet Exams for 2 days (Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd of June).  Students are busy with Sunday lessons in preparation for this.   Shop Our shop is fully stocked with all the things you may need for the change of season.  Tights, leg warmers and cross over tops are all available from the studio.   Contact We have also had to change our phone number so please update your records – 8331 3010.   Neighbourly Respect Please... read more
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